Segni mossi is a research project born in 2014 from the visual artist Alessandro Lumare and the choreographer Simona Lobefaro in order to investigate the interaction between dance and graphic sign with children and adults.
We partner with Mus-e Italia to promote social inclusion through art in public primary schools in Rome (IT).
Since 2015, we have been conducting training courses and workshops in more than 30 countries.

We have been selected by ​HundrED ​organization as ​​one​​ of​​ its ​​100​ most ​innovative​ ​education projects​ ​across​ ​the​ ​world for the years 2017 and 2019.
Our goals in the work with kids and adults:

valorize the sign and freeing it from any representative subordination;
become more confident in using our bodies as comunicative tools;
explore the connection between the expressive qualities of the body movements and the expressive qualities of the sign;
consider the experimentation as a working method;
linger on the creative process rather than the result;
develop the ability of engaging themselves in group activities;
gain confidence in itself and in others;
value the differences;
stimulate critical thinking and aesthetic feeling.


What are Segni mossi trainings?
Meetings full of drawing-dance operating practices, there to experiment with groups of kids, teenagers and adults, but above all, involving experiences and personal growth opportunities. Practical work is alternated by moments of observation and elaboration of methodological aspects. 

Who are they aimed at?
Educators, dancers, art therapists, curious.

Which one to attend first?
There is not an order to follow, they are independent programs, all equally crossed by simplicity, rigour, play, taste for exploration and collaboration.

How to attend?
Choosing among the dates on our calendar and contacting the organizers at the addresses shown. calendar >

YELLOW training

We will sail through archipelagos of bodies. We will cross deserts and rivers of signs. We will mark like lightning, from earth to sky. We will trace sounds in the dark. We will leave traces on physical supports, on the surface of air and memory. We will investigate symmetry with irony, portraiture with tact.

It tastes of travel, mystery, discovery.

Issues: the group in the space | speed and strength of the track | the darkness | the ephemeral | traces in our memory | the dynamics of the jump | symmetry in our bodies and drawings | looking practices.

ORANGE training

We will traverse continuity. We will combine opposing qualities in collective compositions. We will precipitate like traces of color. We will roll like waves, green, blue, purple crests. We will share the euphoria of splashes. We will mark while flying (30 cm above the ground). We will abandon the weight on very long paths.

It tastes of waterfalls, hammocks, lush marks.

Issues: continuity | opposites | inertia | the behavior of a liquid | gravity | out of balance and suspension | loss of control.


RED training

We will impulse and be impulsed. We will observe the movement spreading to the ground. We will transform ourselves, change color. We will compose architectures of signs. We will experience the unfolding of a line. We will chase each other, inside and outside of forms. We will create trajectories visible from space, we will be traversed by signs. We will explode the drawing into three dimensions.

It tastes of earth, roots, cosmic escapes.

Issues: impulses | propagation | deformation | architecture | expansion | inside and outside | trajectories | network.

PINK training

We will free signs from paper, gestures from repetition. We will be guided by the unexpected. We will draw complex balances and sudden, but deliberate, ruptures. We will observe with our backs, explore with our bodies. We will capture the faintest traces. We will send marks far away. We will draw like flocks, like the clouds in the sky, for the joy of those watching from the ground.

It tastes of balances, connections, shivers of color.

Issues: the mechanism and the damage | the unexpected | balancing | the back | the unknown | the flocks | the clouds.


BLUE training

We will trace lines, lift them, they will play chasing the sheets. We will surrender to currents of color, gusts of actions. We will translate gestures into signs, signs into movements. We will bounce between imaginary and real surfaces. We will overlap, until we merge into a common dance, 24 bodies per second.

It tastes of inventions, wanderings, and tumbles.

Issues: birth of a line | instant sculptures | mobile supports | whiffles | from gesture to sign to movement | bounce | multiple exposures.

GLITTER training

We will chase our shadows like Peter Pan. We will run, unpredictable as the wind, in circles like a hula hoops. We will dive into imaginary pools (for real). We will climb professorships, venture into dark forests, cross narrow canyons. We will jump out of planes (with a parachute).

It tastes of fun, extravagance, celebration.

Issues: circularity exploration | diving into the traces | shadow and light | links | push and climb | canyoning | drawing in the wind.

GREEN training

green poster provvisorio

We will build a map together, more to get lost than to find each other. We will slip in and out of sheets. We will twirl like ice skaters, traces and dances will surface, shades of white. But what does yellow think? How does red laugh? How does blue sneeze? We will mark on swirling panels, dancing the multiverse, in flesh and colors.

It tastes of exploration, other worlds, pigments.

Temi: maps | tracks in the dark | chasing traces | sign compositions | greyscale | dances in colour | multiverse.


A "Segni mossi" online course? It's nonsense! Where is the group, where is the rehearsal room, the sweat, the moods? Is anyone there? Yes, there is! People from all over the world, from every time zone, with whom to build together a look far from the everyday. A doing together, a risking together, piercing screens by sharing nourishing discoveries.

Upcoming dates >

Our workshops are opportunities to explore the relationship between dance and graphic sign through a sensory, non-judgmental, collaborative and playful approach. Each one is open to children, adults, or mixed groups.


to draw to fly

Bodies like islands to circumnavigate, deserts to cross, bridges over rivers of colors. The sound of a waterfall. Pastels in hand, we plummet, bringing it to the surface from the wall.



Like ripples on the sea. Moved by the current, we form waves. The wind scatters us in the air. Swirling drops, jumping colors.


The birth

Seeds on the ground, gathered waiting for the sun. Each will find its path, each its mark. From inside to outside, we create spaces to cross.



We free the marks, letting them run through space, switching walls. A journey full of surprises, drawings that stumble, words that surprise.


to draw to fly

A network of bodies, a cloud of paper, someone on the ground tries to catch us.



to draw to fly

The birth of lines, all different: sculptural lines, lines flowing on movable supports, acrobatic lines.


Gesture, sign, movement

to draw to fly

Delicious! Shh! How clumsy! Hand gestures transform into marks, made with pastels on paper. From there they pass into bodies, with jumps, twirls, falls. Capturing them again on paper will bring out other marks, or maybe the same ones?


Hula Hoop!

Circles with the body. Pirouettes, somersaults, whirlwinds. What if we try to transfer them to the wall? The circles leap, escape. If we chase them, they dive to the ground, start to spin. A party of circles, streamers, flashing colors.

The multiverse

to draw to fly

The multiverse is not the metaverse, it is here, it is us, in flesh, bones, and colors: panels to create worlds, planes to trace and dance, intuitions and surprises. A multifaceted, not easy, happy party.

Our participatory performances for children and their adults are barrier-crossing games between audience and artwork and occasions of unusual intergenerational relationship. They are designed to rediscover the wonder of leaving a graphic trace.

Al cubo

An experience between music, movement and mark. A permeable and transparent cubic structure. People are free to move around it.
A dancer goes trhough the structure, she inhabits the space.
A designer marks the traces of her activity and inactivity on the transparent walls of the cube.
A musician builds his musical score in relation to what happens.
The audience gradually become confident with the mechanism, they are led to take part. Some markers start going round, passing from hand to hand: people start drawing, discovering themselves through the walls of the structure. Everyone is immersed in his own research, everyone is part of the collective action. Marks, gestures reverberate in music. The experience finally dissolves. The sound stops. Buzz, words, smiles, running children into the space.


100.000 passages

A living picture that pulses, that changes, in which you are completely immersed and that will live for the duration of the experience.

We wear white panels.
We cross the space.
We are like a sea current, we advance, we draw back, we swirl.
We are the breath of the sea.
Everything is in motion: bodies, glances, smiles.
Then the color comes, our passages, our crossings leave their trace.
Traces of color overlap on the panels, adding, dissolving.
The sea is rough, the sea is celebrating.
The wind drops, the sea calms down.
Imperceptible breeze.


To draw, to fly

to draw to fly

A playground for children and adults, a landscape where to leave marks following essential indications.

Nine hammocks hanging from the ceiling on enormous white paper sheets.
To draw while floating.
Trails, trajectories in the air, on the paper.
Overlapping, moving signs, vertigo.



An expansive and bright environment, open to the outside. A musician playing a traditional instrument: chords that gleam in silence. It could last forever.
An enormous sheet is unfurled. Someone surrenders to it. They begin to roll, moved by the wind. They return among the audience. A perpetual movement, akin to that of the sea. All begin to join the game: children, adults, those passing by, those who didn't think.
The music builds. Oil pastels appear. As people roll, they leave traces. Color emerges from the sheet. Eventually, the experience dissolves. What remains is the echo of the string instrument, an excited murmur. Bodies at ease in the space.

Simona Lobefaro
comes from a multidisciplinary background whose pivot is contemporary dance, research dance and performance. She is the choreographer of MAddAI. She is part of Sistemi Dinamici Altamente Instabili. She conducts dance workshops for adults, children, children and adults together.


Alessandro Lumare
is an author of illustrated books for children, art trainer and atelierista. He has a professional experience as video maker, dancer and sociocultural operator. His artistic research is characterized by multidisciplinary and attitude to innovation.

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